How to Take Keto Diet While on Movies?

How to Take Keto Diet While on Movies?

How to Take Keto Diet While on Movies?


Movies are an ultimate source of entertainment especially when we are fed up from the daily life routine. But, to maintain a keto diet while o movies is a great challenge. Most of the snacks available at the cinema are high in calories and carbs.

We know that snacking in the films while on keto might appear hopeless, however there are a couple possibilities for you that we are prepared to talk about.

Never endanger fun film nights with your family and friends simply because you would like to prevent the snacks. Read on as we discuss why you should not eat most foods offered at theatre concession stands and the way to consume keto at the films!

Why You Should Avoid Cinema Snacks?


Unfortunately the cinemas are different from the restaurants. In many restaurants, you can choose protein rich and low carb food as per your choice. But, this option is not available at cinemas and you have to choose from conventional foods that are high in carbs, sometimes deep fried too. Following are the options that are usually available in the cinemas.


  • French Fries
  • Popcorn with different flavors
  • Soft and Carbonated Drinks
  • Biscuits ad Cookies
  • Ice-creams
  • Donuts, Muffins and Candies
  • Pizza
  • Hot Dogs

Well, all of the options that are mentioned above are not recommended for the person who is on keto diet. They are not only high in calories but contains some other risks directly associated with your health. Following we will list some reasons that, why you should not go with these food items while on a keto diet.


They Have High Calories:


I don’t know even a single cinema food that has low calories. All of the foods that we have mentioned above have high calories and most of them have high carbs too.

Even the popcorns available at the cinemas are full of calories. Their approax. Range is from 300 calories (small pack) to 1090 calories (large pack).


Popcorn Flavors:

Fats are significant about the keto diet, and that means you likely request additional butter when swallowing a cup of popcorn in the movies. They are also called as caramel popcorns.


But, popcorn butter is a low carb fat that’s more of a butter-flavored oil! It contains a silicon-based compound and a preservative which retains the color and feel from altering.

Movie Theater Foods and Snacks have High Carbs as well:


Unless you are ordering hotdog with no bun and only plain water, then you are likely going to get kicked out of ketosis the instant that you depart the cinemas.


A tiny butter-free popcorn includes about 13 g of fat and may comprise up to 49 g of fat to the refillable butter-free bath, but big flavored ones consumed everywhere from 82 to 304 g of carbohydrates !


Some picture theaters even provide wine and beer or have a complete bar. Thus, if you are looking for a low-carb diet, then there’s very little you can order here while remaining inside the limits of your keto diet.


How to Eat Keto Diet at Movies? – Get a Low Carb Snack


Well, there is always a solution to every problem. In this case, you can bring some of the foods that are low in carbs with you. Let us discuss some similar products with you.

  • Skinny Popcorn

Popcorn is one of the very well-known snacks. However, as mentioned previously, movie theatre popcorn is unhealthy rather than keto-approved.

SkinnyPop is an excellent option for you, if you are on a keto diet!

This bite is just the correct number of salty due to the buttery flavor that balances it! In addition they take their components seriously.

On their site, they say that “There aren’t any artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavors in our products. We pride ourselves on supplying you with a fantastic tasting snack that is free of all those items, such as GMOs, MSG, milk, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, and gluten free.”


  • Highkey Mini Cookies


Highkey Mini Cookies are among the keto snacks which live up to the hype!! Their ingredients contains unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, erythritol, sunflower lecithin, and stevia extract for their chocolates.  That’s, they haven’t any sugar, milk chocolate, or milk. This makes them an acceptable food for the people who are on keto diet.


With only 4 grams of net carbs per 60 g these cookies are crispy, sweet, and full of taste!


Prepare Your Own Snack for Movies:


You may even try creating your own snacks that you are able to take in the movie theaters if permitted. Below are a few easy-to-make homemade snacks which match the criteria!

Mixed nuts are an ideal snack for any diet, particularly the keto diet.

Some cinemas may provide mixed nuts in the concession stand, however they’re generally high in sugar and vegetable oils.

Consider mixing your nuts by purchasing raw nuts at the regional grocery store and including sea salt. You may even roast them if you would like to!

Fat bombs are also a favorite snack in the realm of keto. A lot of men and women make them not only for film nights, but for snacks whenever they need something to munch.


Final Conclusion about Keto Diet While on Movies:


When you tend to explore some options, you always find some good solutions. Getting a keto diet for cinemas is a bit difficult but not impossible. If you want an easy solutions, just pick from the two options that we have mentioned above. Alternatively, you can prepare your own die by checking different recipes online.


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