Refeed Success!! Refeed Day Update

In my last post (HERE) I talked about having a refeed day. I mentioned that I hit a plateau with my weight loss. It was very annoying because I felt that all of my hard work was for nothing. Well, I am glad to say that because of that refeed day I have lost weight.



Before my refeed day I was sitting around 218 to 222 pounds. After a few weeks I knew that I had to make a change. I would not allow myself to continue the same routine day after day and expect different results. That would be the definition of insanity. I was not sure what was going on. Everyday I would try reducing my calories but that only made me hungry.


Refeed Days Are Great For Plateaus

One day while watching Youtube videos I came across a video that was talking about refeed days and how it can help boost weight loss. Boy, was Jason right. I am down six pounds since my refeed day. I am now weighing 212 and I am steadily dropping just as when I had started the keto lifestyle. Now I know what to do when I hit a plateau. I will not give up or whine about how the keto lifestyle sucks because Im not losing weight. Instead I will just have a refeed day.


Just Say NO!!

Be careful not to start snacking on carbs more often after your ONE refeed day. The temptation is real. After a full day of eating carbs I understand that there may be a few time you may think, “I’ll just have a little snack and start back tomorrow.” NOPE!! You have to say NO. Fight the urge like I have and you’ll be fine. After two or three days you’ll be back to your regular keto self.


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