Refeed Day, What Is It And Is It Time?

It is time for a refeed day. I have been losing weight every single week with no changes to my diet what so ever. So when I noticed that I stopped losing weight I knew that I must have hit a plateau. It has been nearly 2 weeks since I have lost any weight and it is very frustrating knowing that I am doing everything correctly. I decided that today it is time to have a carb day.

What Is A Refeed Day?

A carb refeed day consists of eating carbs. Lots of carbs. Basically I have been teaching my body that it can live on fat and not carbs. It has become adapted to this idea and now I have hit a plateau. The refeed day will create leptin and will shock my metabolism and help me break past this plateau.

What Will I Eat?

Today for my carb day I will be eating normal keto meals except for one meal which was my lunch. I had Taco Bell. Was it the best choice for a refeed meal? No. However it will still help me break this plateau. Surprisingly I was only able to eat one crunchy taco and half of my grilled stuffed burrito. Before starting the keto lifestyle I could easily devour my entire meal with a Meximelt and still have room for more. I had a water to drink.

How Often Should I Refeed?

The amount of times that I will refeed is up to my body. I will only refeed if I notice that I am stalling and hitting plateaus. If I am not hitting plateaus I will not eat many carbs. Like I said earlier, I am doing this just to shock my body and to overcome plateaus. You can try this too if you feel comfortable with ingesting more carbs than usual. For me it was a tough decision because I feel that I have been so good since July 14, 2017 but it was a choice based on necessity.


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