Keto Lunch

If you do not know already, I do HVAC for a living. I am outside in a non climate controlled environment. There are no refrigerators around so before keto when it came to lunch time you would see me hop in my car and zip my way to the nearest McDonalds. Now that I am keto, there lies a challenge because now I do not want to go and get fast food. now, what do I do? Simple.


ingredients needed

Tuna Salad Keto Lunch

Tuna salad is great for a keto lunch. I can make it very quickly the night before bed and grab it in the morning and shove it in my lunch box along with my eight bottles of water and diet root beer. To keep the tuna salad cold throughout the day I bring water. Four of the bottles are completely frozen and they melt as the day goes on. My tuna salad consists of two cans of tuna fish, roughly one table spoon of spicy mustard, Maybe half of a cup of mayonnaise, and one tablespoon of dill relish. The dill relish helps with the dreaded “keto flu” as well. I add the ingredients into my Tupperware bowl and incorporate it all together. Next, I throw a lid on it and shove it into the refrigerator for my perfect keto lunch.