Diet Soda And Keto??? Will It Affect Me??

Diet soda and keto?? What a pair. If you’re like me, you like your fizzy bubble drinks. So what are you to do when you read in a Facebook group or an online forum that you are not supposed to drink diet soda on the keto diet? Will it affect your results? Are there any substitutions to diet soda? Well, lucky for you I have the answers you are looking for.


Will Diet Soda Affect ME?

Diet soda and keto may or may not get along together. It all depends on your will power. You see, artificial sweeteners affect your body in a very strange way. They make you hungry! Why? Because its zero calories. Essentially, When you ingest the diet soda you’re tricking your body into thinking that it is about to get some fuel. Your body is very smart. It will start screaming at you to feed it. You must not give into your cravings and remain keto.


Are There Any Substitutions?

Absolutely! You can drink seltzer water. If that doesn’t take care of your sweet tooth you can try Zevia Zero Calorie Soda. I recommend getting the variety pack so that you can pick what flavor you enjoy the most. I like all of them so if theres one you don’t like you can mail it to me, haha.


Well, there you have it. As long as you have a strong will power you will be fine with drinking diet soda with keto. The keto diet is really all about will power anyways so you should really focus on that. Without it you will most likely fail anyways. So remember that next time you are drinking a diet soda and you start to get hungry put the two together and realize what is going on.

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