Keto Steak Dinner

Steak is probably one of my favorite things to put on the grill, plus its keto! I love a steak with a beautiful crust. The caramelized meat is just nothing short of amazing. Lucky for you, I will tell you how to make the best ribeye steak you have ever had in less than twenty minutes. To recreate my steak you will need an inch and a half thick ribeye steak with salt and pepper. I use kosher salt and freshly cracked pepper. You will also need a charcoal grill. Im sorry but a propane grill can not beat a charcoal grill when it comes to steaks. I enjoy using my Weber Smokey Mountain as a grill and it is quite easy to turn in into a charcoal grill. All you do is delete the middle section of the smoker and rest the cooking grate on top of the charcoal ring. Because the lid is the same size as the base it will sit flush on the base perfectly, if you choose to use it. We will not be using the lid for this. Lets move on to the process.

The steak is over 1 1/2" thick
Mine was well over 1 1/2″
This steak has a nice amount of salt and pepper coated on it
Salt and pepper make this work
Charcoal heating up in a charcoal chimney
Igniting the Kingsford Original charcoal

The Steak Process

First thing we need to do is to light some charcoal. You only need enough for a quick cook. Roughly three to four decent handfuls will suffice. No less than that though. Get the coals nice and hot and then dump them on the charcoal grate in the WSM (Weber Smokey Mountain). Then put your grate on top of the charcoal ring. Put the ribeye directly over the piping hot coals. Let it sit there for about five minutes. During this time you can take lots of photos of your ribeye. Its going to be amazing so get loads of photos to show your friends on Instagram. The five minutes are up now. Now it is time to flip the ribeye and grill it for four minutes this time. Next we need to get out a trusty thermometer and make sure the steak is at 125 degrees. If it is then pull it off the grill and tent it with foil for ten to fifteen minutes. Resting makes all the difference. While you wait for it to rest the steak will go up to around 132 degrees for a perfect medium rare. Thats pretty much it. I hope you enjoy the steak. Comment your thoughts and get out there and stay keto!

Just set the steak on the grill
Ribeye on the grill
The steak will be flipped after five minutes
Give it a flip after five minutes
A perfectly cook ribeye steak with a side of broccoli
The finished product