I started Keto July 14, 2017 at the weight of 256 pounds. Right now I weight 220, a total loss of 26 pounds! Man, do I feel great. I do HVAC for a living so I am always moving around. A few months back I noticed that I wasn’t moving as fast. I was getting tired faster than when I was younger. I’ve always been on the heavy side so I figured that was the problem. I have tried to cut calories and I have tried to eat low fat but it always left me feeling unsatisfied and hungry. Then one night while on Reddit I was looking up Atkins diet and came across the Keto diet. Each day I would dig deeper. I found all the information I could and studied for hours on the diet. I made a game plan and a goal.


Make goals and stick to them

Like anything in life that you want to achieve you need goals. Once you make one you need to make sure that you stick to it. My goal is to weigh 180. I have micro goals too. A micro goal is a small goal that shows progress to your actual goal. My micro goals are 225 pounds and 200 pounds. I reached my micro goal of 225 two weeks ago. It is exciting. It confirms that I will achieve my goal of 180 eventually. I was going to reward myself with pizza for hitting my 225 mico goal. I decided not to. It wouldn’t be beneficial to my overall goal. Instead I told myself that when I reach 180, then I will allow myself to have pizza.

Sticking to your goals is the most important thing if you want to accomplish anything. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed but I know that the feeling will fade and I will continue on. I am seeing results of my keto diet because I will not give up. Now I’m even moving faster at work. After eating my keto food I stay full longer. I will certainly continue with this until I reach my goal then I will reevaluate my goals and come up with new goals or modifications to my existing goals.


Here is list of my goals for 2017 (I’ll cross them out as I finish them. so check back if you want to see my progress.)

  • Get a smoker and learn to smoke meat¬†
  • Start a blog
  • Make youtube videos about fiberglass repair
  • Micro goal of 225
  • Micro goal of 200
  • 180 pounds
  • Eat a Pizza

What are your goals? Comment below. =]

My next post will be about my Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5″ smoker.